Valentina Valentini


I am a freelance journalist who was based in Los Angeles for eight years writing about the entertainment industry for the likes of Vanity Fair, Variety, Vulture and other publications of that ilk (not all beginning with V).

Two years ago, I put my belongings in storage and began the life of a digital nomad, writing personal essays, travel pieces, cultural and human interest stories and adventurous tales. Now, I've hung up my nomadic shoes and am living in London completing my Masters in Creative Nonfiction. I still travel around Europe and chase stories as much as possible because, let's be honest, the travel bug never does go away.

I am also a copywriter and producer when the right situation calls for it.

United Kingdom



Cow by Bear, San Diego's Strangest Pop-Up, Has Its Own Short Doc Series

After they met, Bear ended up inviting Evans to a dinner and became quick friends. It was unusual that Bear, who is totally a bear and totally not a human who cooks in a bear...

Personal Essays


Three Bottles of Wine with Jurassic Park's Sam Neill

"I would be a turkey," Sam Neill says to me as we sip his own label of pinot noir. I had asked him about naming his farm animals after famous people - his friends who have...


A Clarifying Dose of Reality (TV)

After 16 hours, 5 hot dogs, 2 nacho bowls, 3 sodas, and 20,000 people, I felt more like an idiot than an idol. *** Walking down the steps to Qualcomm Stadium's field level, I...

I was sure I was flirt-texting with The One. Until he saw me on Instagram

It would be a small wedding. Nothing gaudy or over-the-top. Maybe we'd even elope. Admittedly, we'd only been texting for 24 hours, but I was sure this was The One. It began at...

Martha's Vineyard Times

Memories of a Vineyard summer girl - Martha's Vineyard Times

Inside corner to inside corner. I have adult friends to this day who still don't know how to fold sheets. Turn them inside-out and pinch each corner, bringing them together to...

When I became the boss, he broke up with me

"Who went on the roof?!" I screamed. We were just a couple hours into our 12-hour day of shooting my boyfriend's music video at a warehouse east of downtown Los Angeles. I had...

How I figured out I was dating a drug dealer

There's a picture of me from that night - with a giant panda head on. I should have known then what I was in for, but that's half the fun - or torture - of growing up, isn't it?...


In Defense Of Having A Much Younger Boyfriend

My friends and family have always gotten giddy when I've told them about a new love interest. They want to hear all about him and how we met. And when I tell them about my...



The Handmaid's Tale Star Amanda Brugel on the 'Underground Railroad' of Gilead

Not many actors would dream of playing the role of the suppressed servant. But 20 years ago, an 18-year-old student wrote her university entrance exam about Rita, one of the...

Pacific Standard

How Hollywood Can Put More Women Behind the Camera

In March, Rachel Morrison attended the Oscars as the first-ever woman nominated in the cinematography category for her work on Netflix's Mudbound. The week before the awards,...


Narcos Season 3's Spoiled Villain Gives King Joffrey a Run for His Money

If you want to test your acting chops, try playing a flamboyant, amiable millennial drug dealer and the spoiled, incompetent, entitled son of a Colombian drug lord at the same...


Director Destin Daniel Cretton Has Always Lived in The Glass Castle

Philip Larkin probably said it best: "They fuck you up, your mum and dad." For some, the scars will barely be detectable; for others, they'll hurt for a lifetime. But for a...


Take a Peek Inside Jackie Kennedy's Closet

Dressing one of the most iconic fashion figures of the 20th century might seem like a daunting task, but for costume designer Madeline Fontaine-who has created spectacular looks...

Entertainment Tonight

EXCLUSIVE: From 'Undressed' to 'StartUp,' a Career Retrospective With Adam Brody

From 20-something sex in Undressed to high stakes in StartUp, Brody looks back on his most memorable screen roles.

Vanity Fair

Michelle Obama Won't Run For President but Will "Go Into My 60s Blazing"

It was a fair question to ask. " Michelle Obama, will you run for president?" asked Queen Latifah, part of badass panel of women gathered to kick off the SXSW music programming...

Entertainment Tonight

Meet Director Colin Trevorrow, 'Jurassic World's New Alpha

Most of us remember exactly where we were when Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park opened in 1993. For me, it was the day school got out and I was holding the sweaty hand of Johnny...


Why Colin Hanks Turned to a Painful Story for His Second Documentary

Colin Hanks was in New York City for the Tribeca Film Festival when he decided to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum last April. "What really resonated with me-the thing that made...


Ruth Wilson Navigates Shades of Gray, On and Off of The Affair

In over a decade of film and television work, Ruth Wilson has played characters named Alice or Alison no less than four times-on the British series Freezing, three seasons of...